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The Dragon Prince’s Animation getting Improvement?The first season of Netflix’s new animated fantasy show The Dragon Prince has been generally well received by the public, but one aspect of the show seems to have bugged nearly everyone: the animation. The creators aimed to fuse the benefits of computer-generated graphics with the details afforded by hand-drawn animation, and while the show does seem great in stills, in action, movement can appear distractingly choppy. Speaking to The Verge, the creators say they’ve heard fan feedback — and they want to make things better.

Source: The Verge

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The Dragon Prince series is only the beginning of the expanded universeThe Dragon Prince debuted last week on Netflix with a host of compelling, diverse characters and rich lore, every scene seems to have been considered and packed with world-building; just in the opening alone, fans noticed a unique elvish outfits corresponding to each type of magic existing in the world.

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Started: 28.09.18
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